Outreach Projects

The Avery Digital Fabrication Laboratory is committed to partnering with non-profit design groups, when possible, to help them further social and technology-driven research where digital fabrication is necessary and thought-provoking.

Cat House

Phillip Anzalone, Brigette Borders, Ray Ho, Margaret Zyro

Wax Jacks

Brigette Borders, David Kwon, Christo Logan

Knickerbocker Motorsports

Julian Pancoast, Ravi Raj, Cody Zalk, Brigette Borders

New York 2009: Safari 7

Kate Orff, Janette Kim

The Glaciarium

David Kwon, Christo Logan, Nicole Seekely, Phillip Anzalone

Urban Think Tank TenTsegrity

Lucas Deckinga, Morgan Reynolds

Intel Westinghouse Prize

Phillip Anzalone, Brigette Borders, Will Robinette

Urban Greenhouse

Phillip Anzalone