AIA: Framing Space Installation

Phillip Anzalone, Joseph Vidich

Framing Space was an installation as part of the "Make It Work" exhibition at the Center for Architecture, which explored the relationship between engineering and architecture. The project was a collaboration between AA64, Columbia's Laboratory for Applied Building Science and a number of manufacturers who provided advanced materials and services. Three differently curved space-truss structures totaling thirty square meters of surface area were produced and displayed in the space. Nodes were laser-cut from stainless stell, struts were cut from structural aluminum, and construction details included cable tension anchors, structural blind-riveting and cantilver supports. Panels of foamed aluminum, laser-cut stainless stell, polycarbonate honeycomb CNC and high-density polyurethane foam CNC milled and shaped were attached in strategic areas to the structure. 

Visit AA64's site for more details.