200 Fayerweather

Brigette Borders, Phillip Anzalone, John Hooper, Shuning Zhao, Margaret Zyro, Brian Lee

200 Fayerweather is the MSRED auditorium space, whichwas renovated in the summer of 2011. The decorative screen was designed by SHoPArchitects, and detailed, fabricated and installed by the GSAPP Laboratory forApplied Building Science. It is made from recycled HDPE, a material that is also recyclable, should the room ever be renovated again in the distant future.  A series of full-scale prototypes were mocked up to test the flexibilitybetween our digital accuracy and the slight variability in the original turn of the century McKim, Mead & White building. Structural detailing,fabrication, and assembly by Phil Anzalone, Brigette Borders, Gustavo Bonet, Brian Lee, John Hooper, Shuning Zhao, and Margaret Zyro, with special thanks to Teel Lassiter, Ray Ho, Evan Bauer and Lindsay Kunz.