Solid States: Changing Time for Concrete


Concrete is entering a renewed era of development with worldwide implications and under radically new economic circumstances. What are the futures of concrete in architecture and engineering in terms of technologies of reinforcement, materials science, emerging markets and capitalization, geographic production, installation, and environmental impact? Where will innovation happen and what will instigate potentials in design and engineering?

Bringing together a wide range of leading architects, engineers, and scholars, the Columbia Conference on Architecture, Engineering, and Materials is a multi-year project to explore the dramatically changing limits of known and new materials in an era of rapid urbanization and within unprecedented forms of technical measurement, coordination, and production that increasingly blur the boundaries of professions and of materials. Do contemporary means of structural and material analysis suggest a way of modeling material attributes such that analysis itself might produce a new material? Will alternate techniques create a virtual strain or quasi-alloy, leading to a potential realm of coordinated material action?

The Columbia Conference on Architecture, Engineering, and Materials explores the boundaries between materials science, engineering, and design by mobilizing symposia, studios, exhibitions, books, and films in an intensely focused investigation. How is a new generation of professionals and manufacturers fusing engineering and architectural practices into radical platforms for decisive urban action?

— Michael Bell, Professor, Chair,
Columbia Conference on Architecture, Engineering and Materials

The conference will be accompanied by the exhibition Concrete Trajectories
Curator: Rosana Rubio Hernandez
Associate Curator: Jesús Donaire García de la Mora
On display in Avery Hall 200 level September 29 — October 3, 2008

Convened by:
The Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation,
Columbia University in the City of New York
Mark Wigley, Dean

In Collaboration with:
The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Columbia University
Christian Meyer, Chair and Professor

Solid States has been generously underwritten by the exclusive sponsor:

Exclusive media sponsor:
The Architect’s Newspaper

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