Real Estate Development Program Requirements


Summer Term
Architecture of Development 3.0 pts.
Real Estate Finance I 4.5 pts.
History of NYC Development 3.0 pts.
Market Analysis 3.0 pts.
Electives 1.5 pts.
15 Total Points Summer
Fall Term
Real Estate Law 3.0 pts.
Construction Management and Technology 3.0 pts.
Real Estate Finance II 3.0 pts.
Electives 6.0 pts
15 Total Points Fall
Spring Term
Capstone Project 3.0 pts.
Real Estate Finance III-Capital Markets 3.0 pts.
Electives 9.0 pts.
15 Total Points Spring

Intensive Summer Semester

The introduction to the program begins with immersion in real estate finance, project visioning, market analytics, and other foundational subjects. Electives are limited to allow students with diverse background experiences to build essential financial, graphic, and analytical competencies.

Expansive Fall Semester

While core skills continue to be developed—particularly in finance, construction technology, and real estate law—students are given significant elective opportunities to broaden their theoretical and applied skill sets by concentrating on the unique finance or design course tracks available only at Columbia.

Integrated Spring Semester

With a central focus on capstone projects, complex financial and economic modeling, and public policy, students bring together a cross-disciplinary portfolio of independent and supervised research and coursework, graduating with a holistic professional foundation.

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