Studio & Seminar Course Sequence

The core of the Urban Design curriculum is a three-semester sequence of related studios and seminars. The summer and fall studios are foundational, addressing constructive aspects of the Urban Design process. The spring studio is a culmination and synthesis of the previous two, drawing on re-interpretations of previous learning while further exploring the question of operational mechanisms for urban transformation at both the formal and programmatic levels. This final studio moves from the New York region to other global urban contexts. All studios assert that the grounding conditions of an Urban Design project — site and program — are complex concepts, which must be actively and critically constructed rather than simply accepted as "givens" beyond the designers’ control. The summer semester seminar provides an overview of the recent literature on the question of urbanism. The fall semester seminars investigate the evolution of urban fabric with comparative study of New York and other world cities. The spring semester seminars explore recent theoretical debate, focused on the problematic of public space in the 21st century city.

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