Urban Design Program Requirements


Course Sequence Summer Term Fall Term Spring Term
Studio Design Studio I, 9pts. Design Studio II, 9pts. Design Studio III, 9pts.
Seminar UD Seminar I, 3pts. UD Seminar IIA or IIB. 3pts. UD Seminar IIIA or IIIB, 3pts.
Other Courses Reading New York Urbanism, 3pts. Open Elective, 3pts. Open Elective, 3pts.
Total 15pts. 15pts. 15pts.
The M.S. degree in Architecture and Urban Design requires a minimum of 45 points in the curriculum.

Students are strongly advised to take one additional 3-point Optional Elective during each term. No extra tuition is charged between 12 and 19 points. 

Criteria for Academic Standing:  In order to remain in good academic standing, students enrolled in the Master of Science in either Advanced Architectural Design or Architecture and Urban Design may receive no more than two LP’s in the Design Sequence, and no more than three LP’s in the entire program. This means that any course which receives a grade of Low Pass in excess of the above must be successfully repeated with a minimum grade of Pass.

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