Advanced Architectural Design Program Requirements


Course Sequence Summer Term Fall Term Spring Term
Studio Design Studio I, 9pts. Advanced Studio V, 9pts. Advanced Studio VI, 9pts.
History/Theory Metropolis, 3pts. History/Theory Elective, 3pts. History/Theory Elective, 3pts.
Other Required Arguments, 3pts.  History/Theory or Visual Studies Elective, 3pts.   History/Theory or Visual Studies Elective, 3pts.  
Optional Optional Design Seminars, 3pts.    
Total 15-18pts. 15pts. 15pts.

The program is viewed as a framework in which both academic and professional concerns are explored. A set of required studios and courses is enhanced by limited and open electives that are shared with other programs in the School and that promote intellectual cross-fertilization among disciplines. A required lecture course on the twentieth-century city and contemporary theory, exclusive to the program, provides grounding for architectural exploration in the studio. “Limited electives’’ are those School offerings designated as appropriate by the director. “Open electives’’ are graduate-level courses of the student’s choice. Fall and spring studios are shared with final-year Master of Architecture students. In order to encourage the practical and conceptual integration of the computer in design work, AAD studios will take full advantage of the School’s computer facilities.

The M.S. degree in Advanced Architectural Design requires 45 points in the following curriculum. (A minimum of 12 points must be taken each semester.)

Students are strongly advised to take one additional 3- or 4-point elective during each term. No extra tuition is charged between 15 and 19 points. Courses may be dropped until the tenth week into the semester for fall and spring terms. Summer courses may be dropped until two-thirds of the class meetings have been held.

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