Studio Course Sequence

The Studio Sequence is the focus of the M.Arch Program. During the three-year, six-term program each student may study with as many as six different critics. All studio work is subject to formal public design review, and design juries include visiting architects, historians, artists, critics, and engineers, as well as faculty members from the Architecture, Building Design, Urban Design, Planning, and Historic Preservation Programs of the School.

The Core Studios are composed of a carefully structured three-term sequence involving a series of interrelated projects that begin with an examination and utilization of fundamental space-making elements (line, plane, volume), and that are directed toward the ordering of hierarchical spatial sequences, the engagement of the phenomena involved in the act of making or constructing, and the occupation of space. Studio projects involve the issues of public and private, urban and suburban, context and program, analysis and invention, among others, and progressively increase in length from two weeks to twelve weeks.

In the Advanced Studios, themes and programs are defined by the individual critics. These themes and programs both carry an educational objective and present an opportunity for the critic to develop with his or her students a specific area of work or research. The Advanced Studios are intended to build upon the ideas and skills developed in the Core Studios. The range of faculty and studio projects in studio sections allows the student to work with those instructors on projects that will allow specialized design study. In contradistinction to the Core Studios, the Advanced Studios are open to M.Arch students as well as to second professional degree students.

Requirements for M.Arch. Program

Six sequential studios starting in autumn term, first year:

A4001 Core studio, I 9 pts
A4002 Core studio, II 9 pts
A4003 Core studio, III 9 pts
A4004 Advanced studio, IV 9 pts
A4005 Advanced studio, V 9 pts
A4006 Advanced studio, VI 9 pts

Total: 54 pts


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