History/Theory Sequence

Director: Kenneth Frampton

The History/Theory curriculum stresses a broad social and cultural approach to architecture history. Architecture history is not seen primarily as stylistic evolution, but rather in terms of a rich matrix of parameters, political, economic, artistic, technological, and theoretical, that have had a role in shaping the discipline. Most instructors of architecture history at GSAP have both professional and academic degrees. A shared intention is to understand the relations between practice and a historical perspective.

The course offerings are structured to provide each student with an opportunity to gain both a broad general background in architecture history and a degree of specialized knowledge in areas of his or her selection. The architecture history classes within the School are supplemented by classes in the Department of Art History and Archaeology, and students are especially encouraged to take art history courses examining pre-1750 and non-Western topics. Students may also take courses in other departments of the University, such as history and philosophy, providing they meet basic distribution requirements.

Prerequisite for Entry into the M.Arch. Program

Any 3-point survey course in the history of architecture. A broad survey of world architecture is especially recommended.

Requirements for the M.Arch. Program

Two sequential courses:
A4348 History of architecture, I: 1700-1850 3 pts
A4349 History of architecture, II: 1850-1930 3 pts

Total: 6 pts

If a student has had a similar class or classes, he or she may petition the professor of the class to waive the requirement.

Distributional Requirements for the M.Arch. Program

Four courses : 12 pts

Students must complete four courses (3 pts each for a total of 12 pts). One course must be Pre-1750 and one course must be Non-Western. The remaining two courses must be chosen from the following three categories:  (1) Modern: 1750 to the Present, (2) Urban Society, and (3) American. Students are expected to combine breadth in those fields they have not previously studied with in-depth seminars in at least one of these categories. At least one of the distribution areas must be Pre-1750, and one in Non-Western architecture, unless waivers are granted. Each term course schedule will identify those courses fulfilling the distribution requirements.

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