History Waivers

2014 Letter to Incoming Students

Dear Incoming Master of Architecture Students:

As you may know from the catalogue description, Columbia's M.Arch. program has a required two-semester history sequence: Architecture History I (1670-1860) and Architecture History II (1860-1960). As the teacher of the first semester in the sequence, I would encourage you to look over the reading list for AH 1 (which might yet undergo a few very minor revisions but almost all the readings will be on it) and begin any essays or books that you can now. I would especially recommend that students read for background Barry Bergdoll's excellent survey European Architecture 1750-1890 (Oxford University Press, 2000). This is available for purchase at Book Culture on 112th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam, as well as on amazon.com.


In general, only students who have had a graduate architecture history class in the same period (1700-1850) or an undergraduate survey and one additional class covering the period (with a grade of B or better) will be waived.  In a few cases, those in which students have an in-depth undergraduate class covering the same material, waivers will also be considered.  Two-semester world survey classes are usually not sufficient.  Students wishing to apply for a waiver should bring to Columbia a copy of their transcript, relevant course syllabi, and any research papers or exams that they might have, which pertain to the subject matter.  All students are urged to attend the first lecture on Thursday September 4, 11-1:30, even if they believe they will be waived.  Waivers will be considered following that lecture (Avery Hall, room 412, 2-4).

I look forward to meeting you and working with you this coming fall.

Mary McLeod
Professor of Architecture

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