The Center for Urban Real Estate (CURE.) at Columbia University represents a new paradigm in real estate development research and practice, applied as a transformative and positive force.

Patrice Derrington

Director, CURE.

Jesse M. Keenan

Research Director, CURE.

CURE identifies, shares, and advocates solutions for a rapidly urbanizing world. CURE redefines sustainability as dense, mixed-income, mixed-use, transit-based urban development. From climate change and energy dependence to the socioeconomic and political upheaval they engender, CURE addresses emerging and current global issues through the lens of urbanization.

As a center for research and thought leadership, CURE builds upon a platform of direct industry engagement through conferences, symposia, publications and consulting activities and undertakes a dedicated research agenda that advocates for design-intelligent urban development. Building upon CURE's intellectual foundation, the center offers GSAPP faculty and students a cross-disciplinary approach that integrates theory and practice to solve unique development problems. While largely New York City focused, CURE’s work in advancing environmentally, fiscally and socially responsible development has expanded to Brazil, China, Germany, Great Britain and Japan.

Center for Urban Real Estate (CURE.)
324-M Fayerweather Hall
1172 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, New York 10025
Telephone: 212-851-0226
Email: cure@columbia.edu

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