Credit Transfer

The Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation's policies on transferring credit are determined by program. Transfer credit may apply to advanced standing or waivers.

Master of Architecture

Students who have completed acceptable architecture course work prior to entering the M.Arch Program may apply for advanced standing credit or course waivers in nonstudio courses. No requests for advanced standing credit are considered until official copies of relevant transcripts have been submitted to the Office of Admissions.

There are two situations in which one may receive advanced standing in the M.Arch Program: (1) a student who is admitted into the second year of the M.Arch Program may receive advanced standing for the first-year courses including the two design studios (potentially 36 points); (2) a student admitted into the first year with an undergraduate degree in architecture may receive credit for some courses; credit will be evaluated on an individual basis (maximum 9 points).

For more information, please visit M.Arch Transfer

M.S. Advanced Architectural Design and M.S. Architecture and Urban Design

The GSAPP does not accept advanced standing in the MSAAD or MSAUD programs.

M.S. Real Estate Development

Students may petition for waivers in Construction Technology and Management and Real Estate Law. Waived courses must be replaced by one 3pt course or two 1.5pt courses.

Advanced standing and waivers are granted upon enrollment into the program.

M.S. Urban Planning and M.S. Historic Preservation

The GSAPP does not grant advanced standing in the MSUP and MSHP Programs. Students who have completed relevant coursework corresponding to required coursework within a program, may petition for a waiver. All waivers must be approved by the course instructor as well as the Associate Director and Program Director. No requests for waivers will be considered without official copies of relevant transcripts and syllabi. Waiver or advanced standing is not possible for elective courses within the Programs.

Waivers granted to MSHP students for prior work in American Architecture must be replaced by an architectural history course within the GSAPP. Other relevant coursework corresponding to required core courses completed at other institutions must be replaced by a course within the same distribution area (preservation planning, design, history/theory, or architectural conserva. Waivers are reviewed on a case by case basis with the faculty and administration of the MSHP program in order to ensure that all students gain balanced foundational knowledge of conservation, planning, design and history/theory.

Waivers may be granted to MSUP students for required core courses where relevant coursework was successfully completed at another institution. Waivers from any required course will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the instructor, Associate Program Director, and the Program Director.

Students enrolled in the MSHP and MSUP programs must complete a studio during their first year and a thesis in their second year. For this reason, the GSAPP requires that all MSHP and MSUP degree candidates complete the program in 4 semesters, with a minimum of 15pts per semester.

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